About Balfour Academy
At Balfour Academy we create a family atmosphere of mutual support and trust. Positive reinforcement is used to encourage behaviors that contribute to individual growth, while problems are dealt with immediately as they arise. Our summer courses are designed to increase motivations as well as to develop basics skills. Leadership and athletic skills are developed in the afternoon sports program. Field trips serve as an enjoyable reward for working and as a time for the entire student body and faculty bond. In all our activities we seek to fulfill our motto, “Striving for Excellence.”

30+ Years of Excellence
Since 1983 over 110 Boston Students have made a commitment to study at Balfour for six summers. Virtually all of our students have graduated from high school. From 2000-2009, 85% of our students went on to attend a 4-year college and 96% of those students have graduated from college.

51% of our students in this time span attended Northeastern University. The other colleges attend includes: Albama A&M, Bay state, Becker, Berkley College of Music, Boston Architectural,Boston College, Boston University, Bowdin, Brandeis, Bridgewater State, Brown, Bucknell, Cambridge, Curry, Dean, Drexel, East California State, Framingham State, Harvard, Howard, Jhonson Smith, Lincoln University, Mass Bay, Mass College of Art, Morehouse, Mt Holyoke, Tufts, U Mass Amherst, U Mass Boston, U Mass Dartmouth, U Mass Lowell, University of Albany, University of Hartford, University of Illinois, University of Maryland, University of New Hampshire.

Academic Enrichment
Monday-Thursday during our six-week summer program students attend classes in the morning and sports in the afternoon. On Fridays we have field trips. During the school year we offer our students after-school tutoring.
Summer Courses are designed to broaden student knowledge. Teaches design curriculum to excite and motivate students to learn.
  • Middle School Students study English, Mathematics, Science and Current Events
  • High School Students study English, Mathematics and college course

Field Trips
Friday field trips are designed to reward students for working hard on their academics Monday-Thursday. Some examples are:
  • Bowling at Jillian's Lucky Strike
  • Roller Skating at Carousel Family Fun
  • Movies at the Regal Cinema
  • Weirs Beach New Hampshire for waterslides and barbeque
  • Six Flags New England

Our athletic program teaches skills, teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership. We user Northeastern University's facilities as well as the Back Bay Park in the Fenway. Activities include basketball, track, baseball, flag football, soccer, dodge ball and swimming'
Admissions at Balfour Academy
Admissions Cirteria: In order to best prepare students for college, Balfour Academy accepts students before they beign their seventh grade year and follows them through High School. Applications for the summer Program are made available every march. Besides completing the application each student is required to come for an interview with his or her parents.

Preference is given to students who are:
  1. Entering seventh grade in september.
  2. Living in the Northeastern neighborhood.
  3. Attending boston public schools.
  4. Looking for good Academic report cards
  5. Seem genuinely interested in participating in the program and will make a six year commitment.
Note: Balfour academy does not accept students at other times of the year.
Balfour is free of charge to its students

We are funded by Northeastern University, an endowment from the Balfour foundation, bequeaths from Northeastern almuni, grants from the Hayden Foundation and the Schrafft Foundation, and donations from almuni, parents and friends.

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